High Volume


New, Must-Have, Point-of-Purchase Item

Anyone who has a key ring knows what a troublesome, nail-splitting, time consuming annoyance it is, each time you take a key off the ring or put it back on. Now there’s a better way… the Nail Saver. Use it once and you can’t live without it.

The Nail Saver is unique… a small, elegant, Patent Pending tool you can keep handy in a purse, a pocket, or simply hanging on a keychain. It instantly and easily opens the most commonly used split, circular key rings. There is nothing else like it on the market.

Specifications: The entire assembly is approximately 3 ½ inches long. The device end (2 inches) is manufactured and assembled in the USA. It is stamped out of aircraft quality stainless steel sheet metal that is virtually indestructible, and guaranteed for life. The open jump ring is made of heavy gauge stainless steel to insure safety. The lobster swivel clasp is silver tone plated zinc alloy. It is unmatched for quality at its price point.

Touch-Turn-Open…and the key ring automatically stays open as long as needed. The Nail Saver is easy to use, pleasant to handle, and attractive to see.

Pricing: Your price for orders of 10,000 pieces or more is $2.25 per piece. For Laser Etching ad $0.75 per piece. The price for the Device Portion only is $1.50 per piece in any quantity.

Licensing deals will also be considered.

Availability: Our current production capacity is 10,000 pieces per week. We can double or triple that amount with advance notice.

Point-of-Purchase. The standard point of sale rack pictured below holds 48 pieces. Available also in shrink-wrapped packets at a price to be determined.